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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not accepting cake orders at this time. Please check back later! (Updated 4/3/22)


How do I order a cake?
Cake ordering is not available at the moment. We will announce on Instagram and Facebook when this changes! Thanks for your patience.

How do I transport my cake?
Cakes should be transported flat in a very cool vehicle. A grippy yoga mat works wonders to have underneath and keeps the cake from sliding. A great option is on the floor of the front passenger seat. Car seats and laps are uneven! Because we do everything we can in our power to construct your cake responsibly and provide thorough transport instruction, we will not be able to offer a refund if the cake is damaged in transport.

How do I cut my cake?
In a grid! (Scroll to 2:01-8:00 for the actual instructions)

How long can I store my cake/how do I store it?
→ If you will be eating the cake within 4 hours of picking it up, only place the cake in the fridge for 15 minutes if it looks like it’s starting to melt. Otherwise, keep the cake in a cool, dark place until ready to serve.
→ If you’ll be enjoying the cake the next day, aggressively wrap the transport box in multiple layers of saran wrap and store in the fridge. Remove from the fridge and store in a cool, dark indoor place 3 hours before serving.
→ Cakes need at least 2 hours to come to room temperature from the fridge, and a full day to come to room temperature from the freezer. The buttercream should be completely soft to the touch, and the internal temperature should read 72 degrees fahrenheit or warmer.

What are the ingredients in my cake?
This section is in progress!